Writing prompts

One of my favorite activities is to write about random stuff that the Daily Post challenges us bloggers to babble about. I don’t participate in every challenge; only the ones that interest me. This is a list of those writings, with more to come.

Compulsively clean — Just how tidy am I?

Literary dry spell — How long I’ve gone without reading

Working for the clampdown — 10 minutes, straight, unedited writing

Cake snob — My highbrowness comes to a full head

One way ticket back, back, back — Come take a ride with me back in time

Hanging out at the train station — Romantic daydreams on the platform

An afternoon with Ducksauce — 10 minutes straight, unedited writing

Verbal confirmation — “Thinking” is my verb

Lipstick on a pig, perfume on a fish — 10 minutes of straight, unedited writing

Wake me up when September ends — My mixed emotions on the coming autumn

Girl, uninterrupted, interrupted, erupted — 10 minutes of straight, unedited writing

Fact or facade? — Judging others’ happiness

Back to school blues — How my views have changed over the years about heading back to school

Preferential poison — My favorite beverage

All work and no play… — Would I or would I not continue to work if money were not an issue

Secret Asian Man — How I messed up the lyrics to a classic song

Revisiting Holden — My love for The Catcher in the Rye

I no longer trust myself — My views on myself in the dating world

Revolting combinations — The most disgusting food I’ve ever eaten… and enjoyed

The lost art of penmanship — My beliefs on the importance of handwriting

Revive, rejuvenate, or, how I relax — My method of destressing

Musings on age — Or, how I am not an ageist

The magnificent scent of men — Only the greatest smell in the world!

Fictional intruder — What fictional adventures I’d like to take part in

In which I inherit a neglected mansion — What would I do if I fell into possession of such a house?

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