Cake snob

I cannot deny the fact that I am the epitome of what a cake snob is.

Weird, right? Some are wine snobs, coffee snobs, clothes snobs… but my highbrow tendencies are reserved for cake. This is because I have spent years learning the art of this delicacy. Its tenderness and sponginess. The difference between cheap, imitation vanilla flavoring and pure vanilla extract. Or–even better–Madagascar vanilla beans. Butter vs. shortening–ha! Like there is even a competition there. Good chocolate is a must. Real eggs, not egg powder. No cheap shortcuts here. Grocery store cake–having sat in a freezer for weeks upon weeks before being taken out, thawed, and then covered in “better cream” (this IS a real thing), which is a liquid beaten with air until it comes to a frosting-like consistency. Maybe a sloppy border piped along the edge of this “cake,” or a “Happy Birthday” slapped on…

And smearing frosting on a cupcake with a knife, crumbs mixed in to the pure white of the buttercream? Blasphemous! It’s so easy to pipe a cute cupcake swirl on top; in fact, it is even easier to do this than to fuss with a knife.

A cake deserves more. It is the center of so many celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, christenings, good-bye parties…

I suppose I should put my money where my mouth is. Here are a few photos of cakes I am particularly proud of:









I love cake, if you can’t tell. All of these cakes were made from scratch–buttercream and fondant, too. I can get lost in the art of the cake. It’s so easy for me to just pull out my ingredients, tie on an apron, put on some music, a sports game, or an audio book and just leave the real world behind for awhile. The intricacy, the detail, the divine smell of butter and sugar, the moistness of the crumbs… not to mention the ego-boost of “ooohhhs” and “ahhhs” from an appreciative audience.

So–move aside grocery store cake–and make way for me and my art.

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