Purposeless Friday thoughts (SOC)

Today my mind won’t shut off. Thoughts, schemes and other impossible things drift in and out of my conscience. Smashing Pumpkins play in the background while I type, too lazy to get up and get a Diet Coke. I love break time but I’m sore. Too sore to move. The lactic acid in my muscles still demands and weakens my constant movements. I’m overworked and yet I don’t mind. It’s Friday, I’ve just sold a bunch more steam punk items, and my shop only has 3 items left. Time to get creative. Blackhawks are on again tonight. I have a cougar crush on Andrew Shaw. So young but adorable. It’s easy to work on my items with sports on in the background. I love music more, but I can listen to headphones all day at work.

Except for today. I’m playing secretary again. I can listen to music when no one is in the office–quietly, but not loud enough to be able to enjoy. It makes the monotony go away. I guess it’s good I’m not walking for break but writing instead. Maybe my mind will quiet somewhat.

Mallory comes in with cough drops. I’ve overdone it with the running and my exercise-induced asthma has kicked in. It’s my own fault, I know. I push myself. I love to push myself. I like setting goals, meeting them, breaking them. I suck on the Pro Air inhaler, then pop a cherry-flavored menthol drop in my mouth. It’s not my favorite but if I’m heard hacking down the hallway, I know it’s bad. Lunch plans are set in place. Salads. Very girly Friday lunch with the ladies. It’s a good thing, too, because I had no energy to fix something this morning. And I certainly won’t be running tonight. My body has a desire to soak in a hot tub of eucalyptus-scented epsom salts, rub on some more Ben Gay and lounge around in sweatpants. Not glamorous, but much-needed. I love epsom salt baths. Maybe light a few candles, put on some classical music… fresh sheets on the bed… too bad I don’t have any pizza in the freezer. Cereal for dinner? Meh. That’s been most of the week. Hard to want to make anything after working all day, doing 6-7 miles, driving home… maybe I’ll order in. I never do that. I wish El Famous delivered. Nachos. Mmm… Mexican food sounds amazing.

I feel like there’s more to say but I can’t think anymore. Maybe this is a good thing. I think too much.

I want to lie in the sun and nap.

With Andrew Shaw.




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