Verbal confirmation (writing prompt)

If I were to use only one verb to describe myself, I would use the word, “think.”

This may come as a surprise to many of you…but my brain rarely shuts off. Even if I am thinking of just stupid, inconsequential crap, my brain is going 240.

For example:

I just took my mid-morning break. I headed out the front door, hoping to enjoy the sunshine and cooling temperatures, stretching my legs for a short walk. But as I strolled the campus grounds, I began thinking about clothes. And I’m not even a clothes horse. In the summer, I live for sundresses and sandals (occasionally mixing in my Chucks, depending on what I’m doing). But now that fall is here, I started thinking about my autumn wardrobe, and it spiraled from there:

Do I need a new pair of Chucks? (No, but I really want a red pair)

How many pairs of leggings do I own? (4)

Do I want another comfy flannel shirt to wear with my leggings? (Yes)

Can I justify buying red Chucks if I buy a red flannel to go with said Chucks? (Yes)

When is my new Green Day hoodie coming in? (Don’t know)

Is wearing a Green Day hoodie and leggings and Chucks on a date too casual? (Probably)

How does my ass look in said leggings? (Kinda cute, actually)

Do I need a new navel ring? (Two, perhaps)

How many new camisoles do I need to buy wear under my flannels? (Black, white, so at least 2)

Where are my silver hoop earrings? (Ask cats later)

And just on, and on, and on. And eventually I got so fed up with myself that my brain tried to think of something else to think about, but then…

Oh. Guy smell.

A delicious waft of men’s cologne engulfed my senses and I began to feel dizzy. Who was it? Where was it coming from? Then I started thinking about men, and how sexy some of them are, what I find sexy…

And then it was time to go back to work.


But I missed everything beautiful about my morning promenade. I couldn’t tell you what the weather was like, if I saw any birds, or walked into anything that was clearly in my path.



But that’s okay. Now I know (and have somewhat of a battle plan) for a shopping excursion in my near future.


For more on my writings of guy smell, see this post.

Thank you to The Daily Post for today’s prompt.






3 thoughts on “Verbal confirmation (writing prompt)

  1. Oh, you girlie-girls! I think it is an age thing. And to be truthful, you’ll still think about boys in your sixties–it’s just that you’ll hope that they don’t wear cologne by then. Those fragrance molecules build up in your system and turn into allergies! I enjoyed your mind walk. Judy

    • Oh that’s too bad about cologne! I love the scent of men. It’s so dreamy. I used to get made fun of in high school because I told my girlfriends that I loved “guy smell.” They thought I was crazy!

      And maybe I am. But I love it anyway.

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