Random Tuesday night blog post

It is the last day of September, and I could not be more glad of it. This month was packed with a wallop, in terms of both work and social life. I had plans every weekend, with most of them spent consuming more wine or whiskey than I’d care to admit. I’m tired but pleased. My cats miss me, though. Echo and Hissy follow me around the condo, green eyes wide and pathetic. Sometimes they sit in front of my iMac so I can’t write. They’re more cuddly than ever. I feel guilty.

Calligraphy though… not my thing. I had always wanted to learn how, but maybe not italic style. Lines are too straight for me. Also, when you practice, you make your letters so large that it is difficult for someone like me (who naturally has small printing) to make each letter nearly two inches in size. Still, it’s kind of fun, and it’s nice to be on campus in the evenings. Running is back on, even if it is at a slow capacity. I missed it so much. Even the complaining during my running–oh man, only two miles completed? I can’t do any more–then finding I’ve hit six. My knee isn’t perfect; actually, I feel a little strain in the tendon at the moment, but nothing like I used to.  It so lovely to be out in the fresh fall air, feet hitting the pavement, cool wind against my cheeks, surrounded by trees and yellow wildflowers, geese and ducks gliding across the glittering water… I regret not being healthy enough to do this over the unseasonably cool summer we had, but I can’t help but feel grateful that I can be out there again, painfully slow as I am. My miles are just under 12 minutes each; ideally, I’d be about 9:30, but I’ll take it. Winter will be here soon enough, roads too icy for this klutz to run on, and I will be forced to do the indoor track, provided there aren’t any basketball games going on.

This has kind of helped me feel less bad about my progress:


I finally upgraded my iPhone 4S to a 5S. Somehow iTunes got messed up majorly. And I mean big time. The only way I could fix it was to wipe the whole phone. Lost loads of contacts and apps and messages, but I needed my digital music collection. I was getting frustrated at work without it. Sure, there’s Spotify, but I wanted to listen to certain albums in their entirety, and not edited for profanity. But–not gonna lie–there are a lot of hot guys at the Apple Store. Wow.

Also: this song makes me so sad.

Otherwise, a pretty successful month. And this Saturday is the first Saturday I don’t have plans since early August. Gone Girl comes out, so that’s got potential. I’m hoping it’s still pretty out. I’d love to do something outdoors.

And I’m excited about Halloween this year. First time I’ll have celebrated since 2011. Especially looking forward to The Mistress J coming down for a visit.

Too much cat butt in my face to continue blogging. Eek.

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