Stuff that makes me grumpy

Since I’ve done the whole what makes me happy thing, it’s time to explore what makes me crabby… and sometimes downright pissed off. I don’t like to focus on stuff that irritates me, but as I did the first item on the list this morning, I will begin with that:

* Stepping in something wet while wearing socks

* Getting up in the middle of the night and stepping on a wet hairball from one of the cats

* Getting out of the shower and realizing you don’t have a towel in the bathroom

* Lugging the garbage out to the dumpster (even worse in winter)

* Being made fun of on a first date (like I’m not nervous enough already…)

* Not knowing where my car keys are

* People who drive like dicks

* iOS8 on my 4S

* Not being able to find a new pair of Converse at the store in my size & color (right now I really want a red pair and I can’t find ’em in size 5 anywhere and I don’t feel like buying them online because I want instant gratification)

* Crabby people at work

* Being asked “What’s wrong?” a million times when I’ve already said I don’t feel like talking about it

* Being put on the spot about my feelings. If you’re initiating the conversation, then you should go first–that will put an end to my grumpiness on this matter

* Getting yelled at about watching the Bears (there are 16 games a season… maybe 17, if they make the playoffs–go do your own thing for 3 hours if it really bugs you that much)

* Not having a cup of coffee with real (half and half) in it first thing in the morning

* Not being able to brush my teeth when I want (I’m a bit obsessive about this)

* Observations/commentary about how much water I drink

* Unsolicited health advice

* Private matters being discussed on Facebook/Twitter


…and that is all I’m going to post for now, as this is making me sulky just writing this post. Luckily, I get to go upgrade my iPhone later today, so at least my granddaddy of a phone won’t be an issue much longer!


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