Preferential poison (writing prompt)

My drink of choice? Oh, that is so very easy, my dear Daily Prompt.

I am a Diet Coke girl. All the way. I live for my carbonated cola enhanced with chemicals that do not do a body good. And I know this. But does it stop me? Only briefly. Earlier this month, I went for 10 days without soda. I wanted to see if I could go without it. The answer is both yes and no. I was doing well (and quite proud of myself, to be vain); however, by day 10 I had such a bad caffeine withdraw I thought I’d go mad. Mad, I tell you!


Sorry. Not yet.

I think I’m also just not ready to give up something I enjoy so much. 11 months ago I smoked my last cigarette. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Over the years I have also cut out hard alcohol. On a social occasion I will have a pina colada, or a margarita, but no more gin and tonics, vodka cranberries, or Rum and (Diet) Cokes. I don’t do well on hard alcohol, and I find myself an embarrassment when I regain sobriety.

That being said–I have not given up wine. I drink it socially only, and for whatever reason, wine does not alter my personality to the extent that liquor does. Beer is OK too, but wine… I just become warm and giggly if I’ve had a lot of it. I don’t get depressed and crazed. I can relax and have a great time.

I’m sure at some point I may try to give up on pop, but I’m not there yet.

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