All work and no play…(writing prompt)

If I didn’t have to work–for whatever reason I find myself financially able to not work–would I continue to do so? The prompt from today’s Daily Post does not indicate whether or not I’m fabulously wealthy, money to spare, cash to burn…

But, honestly? No. No, I would not keep my job if I didn’t financially need to.

Sure, I like my job. I’m lucky that way. But the world is such a big place, and I am only allotted so much time here. Even if I wasn’t rolling in dough, I love to read (I have volumes unread I’d love to explore), exercise, watch movies, do home repair projects, paint… I adore cake decorating, and I could see myself crafting my art more. And if I didn’t have to work, oh… I can imagine being able to sleep through a thunderstorm, instead of dragging my tired self out from underneath the warm, white cotton sheets and forcing myself into the shower, driving to work through tumultuous rain, sloshing through the parking lot into the library…that is how I began my day today…

No, I would prefer to be snuggled under the covers in my warm queen-sized bed with a purring cat by my head, listening to droplets drumming against the window, only to roll out from my swaddle of blankets when the urge for a cup of coffee came to be too desirable to silence.

Maybe I’d get lonely or bored after awhile. But I’d not have a problem with volunteering. Animal shelter, Meals on Wheels, participating in efforts to make the world a better place. There are so many possibilities to entertain oneself and benefit society. I’m good with that. I could for sure keep myself entertained.



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