Secret Asian Man (writing prompt)

Today’s post a day writing prompt asks me about a time when I unintentionally said something funny. A mispronounced word, a misused word, that sort of thing. I snickered. One thing? I’m pretty sure I make a verbal blunder at least once per week. I have to say though, my favorite miscue would have to be a messed up song lyric.

When I was a wee lass, I listened to the oldies station in the car. This is because both of my parents loved ’50s and ’60s music. To and from school, on errands, trips, etc., WJMK 104.3 was on. Dick Biondi was (and still is!) the DJ of choice. And for many, many years, I believed that Johnny Rivers’ famous “Secret Agent Man” was actually “Secret Asian Man.” It wasn’t until I blurted out the song a cappella a couple years ago that I learned of my mistake. I was greeted with uproarious laughter and looks of shock at my very un-PC lyric.

I have a good defense, though. It really does sound like he’s saying Asian. Listen and let me know if it’s just me or not.

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