Round 2: Stream of consciousness, or, SOC

It’s been a month since my last SOC writing. Not too much to write about that I haven’t already blathered on about in other posts. A wind is blownin’, my cats are crunching away at their food bowl, the Chicago Cubs game on in the background.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have the Cubs game on. I’m a Chicago White Sox fan to the core, but I love baseball. And the Sox aren’t on right now and the Cubs are. They’re playing the Tampa Bay Rays, my cousin’s team. And the game is tied in the 8th. Cubs games were a lot more fun  when Ron Santo was a commentator. He didn’t really talk about the sport very much–not like the awesome Steve Stone–who covers the Sox now, and I’m glad of it… but I digress. Ron was hilarious. His toupee getting set on fire was epic. If there ever was to make a team like the Cubs more exciting to me, it’s the spontaneous combustion of men’s hair pieces.

I’ve got a cup of coffee and my feet up, waiting for the peanut to arrive. I love hanging out with Brynn.

This is Brynn:



Brynn is 9 and the daughter of my friend, Rachael. This is her on New Year’s Eve, baking and decorating cupcakes. I’m not overly fond of NYE. I think it’s because I reflect on the sad times of the year, rather than celebrating the good moments. A lot of that, I believe, comes from my SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I get the blues during the winter.

I digress. I do that a lot in SOC writing. But I get to hang out with Brynn tonight and tomorrow, along with her mom, and I couldn’t be more excited. For being 9, Brynn is intelligent and mature beyond her single-digit age. She talks about her parent’s recent separation, what kids in school are like, music, and movies. We watched Star Wars (original trilogy) together, go kite flying, and so on. Tonight we are going to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 and she and mom will spend the night. Tomorrow we head to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the Wisconsin border. I haven’t been there in 6 years and I could NOT be more excited. The mud show, jousting, the Queen’s parade, fun little shops, henna, ice cream. Way more excited than I probably should be. However, it’s been 6 years, after all. And to go with a kid will make it even more fun. Must remember to wear comfy walking shoes.

Something good happens in the Cubs game, because it’s a home game and the crowd is screaming with joy. I’m concentrating on my thoughts and typing and trying to write what is in my head at that exact moment, and it can be distracting with the rustling of the leaves from the wind and the radio going and my fingers tap tapping away on here. But I’m approaching my time restraint on here and I couldn’t be more glad of it because I really do feel empty in the head. And–for some reason–a twinge of sadness, a dull ache in the chest. I shouldn’t, because I know I’ve got company in an hour, but I do feel a bit melancholy. And my back hurts a bit as well. I hunch too much. I need to remember to sit straight and not hide the headlights, to quote Duck Sauce.

Don’t know who Duck Sauce is yet, huh… guess I’ll have to save her for another time, when she and I have a new adventure together.

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