Revolting combinations [writing prompt]

I loathe publicly admitting this. I’ve been suppressing that–as a child, mind you– my mother inadvertently created one of the most disgusting combinations of food the world has ever dreamed.

Liver sausage.

With mustard.





My stomach churns at the thought, but this was something that I relished as a little peanut.

It all began one day when I begged my mom for sausage crackers. However, my mom was out of saltines–the preferred delivery vehicle of my liverwurst.

I threw a tantrum. I wanted my sausage crackers! Now, now, now, now NOW! So in order to pacify me, my mom took out the graham crackers and prepared the snack.





From then on, that was the new way I ate my favorite food. Until some point in time, when I must have developed functioning taste buds, I devoured it with relish. It horrifies me in retrospect, but I guess we all have crosses we must bear.

From The Daily Post.

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