What makes me happy, take 2

A continuation of my previous entry; however, I tried to separate the two by stuff that can be bought vs. not. I confess, my sorting isn’t too clear-cut… and is downright wrong in some areas… but I tried.

And some have exclamation points, too. Those ones get me super-excited!

* A big hug. A REALLY BIG HUG, where you feel so safe and secure and cared for– sometimes the best ones are from Mom, though.

* Kitty cuddles and snuggles!

* Reading a book in the sunshine… or a gothic romance (Wuthering Heights) when it is raining.

* A walk in a forest preserve.

* Going to the zoo!

* Clean sheets on the bed.

* Being able to sleep with a window open.

* The high feeling I get when I finish a good run.

* LOL cats.

* A good herbal tea.

* Cookies!

* To lie in the dewy grass with a kite sailing above me.

* Someone fixing me a cup of coffee the way I like it–splash of cream, no sweetener.

* Going out for breakfast! I’d be way more interested in dating if people went out for breakfast rather than dinner.

* A backrub. A good one, all deep-tissue, with slow, deliberate movement.

* A hot bubble or epsom salt bath.

* Pizza and a movie night-in.

* Tom Hiddleston memes.

* Seeing CSO at Ravinia. Bonus points for packing a picnic and sitting in the lawn. Some cheese, grapes, Tchaikovsky or Beethoven, a glass of wine, fireflies, a cool breeze… bliss.

* Someone brushing my hair.

* An outdoor run on the Western Trail.

* Rainbows!

* Petting happy dogs.

* Going bowling!

* Bubble tea. I love coconut or pear.

* Playing pirates with a bunch of kids.

* A conversation with someone that gets you… before you even get yourself.

* Playing in a park with kids.

* Having Brynn over for sleepovers.

* The Renaissance Faire!

* Trip to the Art Institute.

* Train rides.

* Fresh fruit.




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