The lost art of penmanship (writing prompt)

Today’s writing prompt begs the question of what do I miss in its traditional form?

At first, I wasn’t too excited about this prompt, and debated skipping today’s question. However, upon revisiting at a later time, something inside my head clicked.

Handwriting. Or, more specifically, handwritten love letters.

It seems so obvious now. Love letters written out, rather than the occasional “I love you” text, or “I ❤ u” or whatever… or a silly e-mail or post on a Facebook wall. The idea of a love letter on tangible paper…

Imagine it… coming out to your car after a long day of work, to see something tucked under your windshield wiper. The hesitation and curiosity that ensues… is it a ticket? A flyer advertising a new Chinese restaurant down the street? You walk closer to see your name carefully written across the front of the envelope. You open the envelope, unfold the page… inside, in deliberate script your object of affection has declared their devotion to you. A deep sigh, a pressing of the page to your chest…

Are you going to tell me that a letter like this should be typeset? The individual creation of a letter, to a word, sentence, paragraph… typed? It commands the hand to perform the articulate motion of each stroke of the letter, the dotting of the “i” or crossing the “t.”

Never in my life have I received a handwritten love letter, like Napoleon would send to his Josephine.

Maybe someday. I’m hopeful.

5 thoughts on “The lost art of penmanship (writing prompt)

  1. I was just going to respond to the prompt with something like this, and then I remembered that I’m a doctor’s daughter and such things tend to…be passed on…sadly. Anyway, am in complete agreement with you. The art of the handwritten love letter is so tragically lost, and besides the obvious advent in emails and texting, I wonder if it has anything to do with being self-conscious of one’s own crappy handwriting (as I am)?

    • It could be the fact that handwriting has deteriorated because of the ease of typing. But I don’t know… I think it’s more personal to have it done the old-fashioned way, no matter how chicken scratch it may be! 🙂 My own writing is an odd blend of cursive and print letters–and they aren’t even consistent on which letters. Maybe I need to take a calligraphy class…

      • Indeed! Of course, readily available technology quite literally “on hand” also doesn’t help (so many people have a cell on which to text but not a pad of paper and a pen or pencil). Oh, I would have to join you in that calligraphy class. My handwriting is virtual chicken scratch. Students always ask me to translate what I wrote on their papers — I’ve just turned it into a running joke.

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