My random musings of the week

And in bullet-point form, no less:

* I have a downfall for ripe watermelon. I ate 2 whole ones this week.

* Jogging is a lot easier when 1/3 of your leg is held together by a black brace remnant of Darth Vader.

* I did not need to know that cashew butter exists. Give me a spoon and the jar, please, because I don’t need anything else with it.

* Playing with Photo Booth is fun. I’m not a fan of the selfie, but comic book came out looking neat:

Photo on 7-26-14 at 4.30 PM #2

* It has been an ’80’s flashback week in my life. Some of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat include:

* Erasure’s “A Little Respect”

* Thompson Twins “Hold Me Now”

* When in Rome “The Promise”

* Continuing on with previous point, I do believe that the greatest music video of all time is A-ha’s “Take on Me.” I watched it again to make sure it wasn’t just rosy retrospection on my part, but no. It’s just as fun and sweet and creative as I remember it.

* I really can go a week without Diet Coke. Pun intended.

* Quitting smoking does get easier. 10+ months without so much as touching a cigarette, and I no longer look wistfully at other smokers enjoying their tobacco.

* I have missed writing, but I’m not sure how far out I’m willing to promote my work for others to read. Right now I’m sort of talking to no one publicly, but that is OK with me. It is freeing, in a way. I’m not censoring myself, the way I might if I were writing notes using Facebook.

Other than that, not too much else. I’m pleased to be running again… well, jogging, really. I’m too out of practice to get my pace up. But it sure beats reading the poorly closed-captioned news reports while using the elliptical at the gym.

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