Defining objects

A writing prompt last week had me stumped. If someone were to ask my friends what object they associated me with, what would they answer? Honestly… I had no idea what anyone would say. So I took the obvious route and asked.

These are the items they came up with.

#1: Cake/Cupcakes


Within a few minutes of meeting me, the likelihood of cake and cupcakes being mentioned is almost inevitable. I love to design and decorate cakes. Baking provides me with serenity I don’t often feel in my daily activities. But when I am working modeling fondant figures, piping with buttercream or royal icing, I am transcendentally blissful. I show my love by sharing my labors. And–if it doesn’t sound too arrogant to say–I have an appreciative audience. Above is my Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland entry into an edible books contest. All aspects of this piece are edible, hand-modeled fondant figures and pieces. A gallery of my work can be seen here.


#2: Converse All Stars


My favorite shoe of all time, I never tire of these classic bad boys. I’ve worn countless pairs over the years. It should be stated that if I am not wearing my Cons, I really wish I were. For future reference, I am a size 5.


#3: Pandas


A lifelong lover of the panda bear, it is my favorite animal. They are so cute and fat and FLUFFY! They just eat and sleep and are so very chill. Despite being 33, I still have panda toys on my desk at work, and in my bedroom at home. There is a small panda tattoo above my left ankle as well (the WWF logo).



#4: Kites


A favorite activity of mine. There’s something serene about flying a kite on a quiet Sunday morning, watching it take off and soar through the sky without a care. It is peaceful, and I welcome any opportunity to do so.

#5: The Little Prince


Hands-down my favorite book of all time. To know me, you must know the fox and the prince. A novella of only 97 pages (and illustrated, to boot), it is tattooed on my body visibly; engraved unseen, on my heart.





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