Fictional intruder (writing prompt)

Three fictional events/adventures I would like to have been part of (courtesy of The Daily Post):

#3 The Hobbit 

One of my favorite stories of all time (even more so than The Lord of the Rings). Like Bilbo, I am a creature of comfort: I love my home, food, and a simple life. I should like to find myself on a most extraordinary adventure in Middle Earth.

#2 Narnia

For starters, I would prefer NOT to go when the White Witch is ruling the land. I have had enough of winter forever, after the polar vortex of 2014. No, thank you! But when Narnia was created, like in The Magician’s Nephew, that would be OK. Nice, actually. Because talking animals, that’s why.

#1 The Adventures with The Little Prince

More than anything though, I would wish to land on the little prince’s asteroid B-612 and go on his journeys to the different planets, learning the lessons of life and love with him. But when he meets the fox… I think I’ll stay with him.

This list was more difficult for me than I would have liked. Runners-up included (as stated in the writing prompt example) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I excluded it because I think the nonsense would get to me after awhile. Going back in time to Pride and Prejudice and finding my own Mr. Darcy also was nixed due to the lack of indoor plumbing. Chamber pots aren’t really my thing. Like… really not my thing.


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