Daily list

Today I thought I’d share my daily list. The idea comes from a book titled My Daily Journal that a woman I worked with gave to me, as she knew I enjoyed journal writing. I don’t do it every day, as it becomes more of a chore, but I’d like to make it part of my routine.

I started my day by: Waking up more relaxed than normal. Also, I didn’t sleep in, even though I stayed up pretty late the night before. Saturday was spend getting my hair cut, eyebrows waxed, giving myself a facial and a pedicure, and reading Wuthering Heights

Major events going on in the world today: Germany won the World Cup, beating Argentina by a score of 1-0

My goals for today: Decompress after one of the worst weeks of work I’ve had… just about ever.

Today I feel: More at peace than I have in the past week. I feel like I’m standing taller, and my knee isn’t in as much pain as it has been the past few days

The funniest thing that happened today: I’m not sure anything humorous occurred.

The most memorable thing that happened today: I had a wonderful Mexican lunch with my brother. Had good conversation and some interesting insights about our family.

The best part of my day: Other than lunch… fixing my broken mayonnaise by whisking another egg yolk and adding the thin mixture to it.

Something I am looking forward to tomorrow: Hopefully having a quiet day at work, and getting back to the gym on campus to use the elliptical since my knee is feeling better (fingers crossed)


And that’s the journal. It’s a nice way to remember the little things in life… but can you see how it would become redundant after awhile? It does to me, anyway. But I operate on a whim most of the time.

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