What makes me happy (materialistic)

Another list-charged writing prompt (I excel at those). In no particular order, but I’ve decided to compose two lists: one materialistic, the other, not. However, they will be separate entries.


* Corduroy pants

* Junk Food brand/Threadless tees

* Cute barettes

* Fluffy towels

* OPI/Essie nail polish

* Books

* Candles

* Vintage jewelry (double points for butterflies)

* Lacy tank tops

* New running shoes

* Converse All Stars

* Fun socks

* White roses

* Cheese

* Diet Coke

* Fancy tea from Teavania

* Portillos, Dairy Queen, El Famous Burrito, El Tesoro, Thipi Thai

* The Body Shop lotions (lemon, strawberry, raspberry, clementine scented)

* Bird cages

* Blu-rays

* Cake books/cake supplies

* Water fountains (the decorative kind, not a drinking fountain!)

* Kites

* New nightdress

* Fluffy bathrobe

* Puffy pillows and snuggly blankets

* Sundresses and sandals

* A new journal

* Manicure/pedicure

One thought on “What makes me happy (materialistic)

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